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The Divergence

The Divergence is a series of parallel events that happened to our world, the Earth, on December 21st 2012. The first event that happened is that a number of individuals received god like powers, a degree of omnipotence. Unfamiliar with their powers these people quickly started causing havoc around them, intentional or not.

The second event is one of these people decided to augment herself with their power, this quickly led to a singularity event where this new being was beyond human comprehension. Soon after the other people followed in her footsteps. With her new insight the first saw that the influx of new beings with omnipotence would result in the destruction of humanity.

This resulted in the third event. The first used her powers to copy the universe, creating a parallel version. This version was akin to a photograph, to preserve what the universe could have been. The others understanding what she had done created there own parallel copies, twisting and changing the laws of the universe to fit their needs. However once the copies were created the new beings lost interest, instead turning inward to explore their new found power and leave the divergent Earths time to recover.

The consequences of this was the creation of divergent Earths. Twisted to pristine these parallel copies were left to themselves to age while the Powers looked inward.

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