The Shattered Kingdom

The Shattered Kingdom was formerly a mighty empire. However Three years ago the Emperor was assassinated by unknown means.

This caused the empire to fall into chaos. The central kingdom is now know as the Shattered Kingdom. The jungle Kingdoms of Kamazoalt and Zalcoatl have seceded into their own kingdoms, to continue their war with each other. The Golden Plain no longer have any any form of government. The Ocean Nations have also seceded and left for the ocean waters. The Iron Kingdom has left the lands, retreating to renew its war on the Verdant Evergreen in the northwest.

After the assassination of the Emepror leaving his only daughter to the throne. She took the throne only to be controlled by a puppet council. The Council was eventually overthrown by the Wicker Man and the Granite Lord.

The capitol city is located on the edge of the Golden Plain.

The Shattered Kingdom

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