The Second Divergence


The Second Divergence is the Earth where magic was created on December 21st 2012, after the havoc caused by the emergence of the Powers.





Food is power. The most powerful political entities are those who control food stocks. With several billion more sentient people to feed and no more animals to eat, this creates an difficult situation. This is made worse when a significant fraction of these people must consume flesh, sentient flesh. For humans and non-predator Uplifts food is mostly some form of plant life supplemented with farmed seafood and/or farmed insects. Predatory Uplifts who cannot or choose not to eat seafood or insects are turn to murder. Most criminals are Predator Uplifts wanted for murder. In a few areas these Predators have gained control of the population, ruling fairly but taking tribute, victims to be eaten.


The Technological level is of a advanced Renaissance level, most key modern technologies are impossible without electricity and difficult to duplicate with magic. Mass production is uncommon and unheard of for anything that requires magic. Gothic architecture has seen a large resurgence due to ease of construction of such large buildings.

Civilizations and Cultures

Civilizations and Culture

Important People
Name Race
Vernand the Warlock Wolf Uplift
Tiger Lord Zag Tiger Uplift

Miscellaneous Details

The Second Divergence

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