The Penumbra

The Penumbra is a sphere, it seems to be encircling an entire galaxy. It’s guarded by many wards, apparently placed there by The Twin Golds. It’s rumored that humans abducted before the Divergence can be found inside the Penumbra.

Inside the Penumbra

The networked world’s of the Sphere are being consumed by the Sven Hellbreed. The mysterious Farsiders are appearing most often since the war began. Cultures fight for survival in a barren arm of the galaxy.

The known galaxy is referred to as Polypoint, multiple points in the vast empty space.

Polypoint encompasses the main struggle of the Sphere with the Sven Hellbreed as well the mystery behind the Farside and Seraphi aliens.


The Sphere is the dominant empire of all the known planets, however recently the Sven Hellbreed has started to challenge their supremacy.

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The Penumbra

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