The Origin


Loftsphere, the first world in a tale of newborn Gods and Goddess. When a new set of godlings is created they war with each other while learning the extent of there powers. The best survive long enough to establish themselves without drawing the attention of the Elder Gods or being consumed by there fellow godlings.


Magics and Supernatural forces

Technology and Advanced Sciences


They do not use names like mortals. Gods are known by the colors by which those who serve them wear, the colors of their armies standards and the colors that take the mind when spoken to by a God. Most humans give then Gods nicknames that are more easily said. Also the Gods do not seem to have any gender as far as humans do, however their followers tend to give them a gender.

The Powers The Elder Powers
The Red Gold and Cream The Deep Green
The White Green and Gold The Twin Golds
The Blue Gold and Silver The Orange and Steel
The Black on Black
The Pink and Violet

The Origin

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