Sven Politics

Considered simple compared to some planetary political systems, Sven politics is at its core the fight for the favor of the God Pharaoh by the different factions.

While there are numerous factions each with there own agendas they can be classified into three distinct categories.

Major Factions

Minor Factions

  • Avelon Guard: Faction loyal to the rogue Seraphi and former head of the Sven Pantheon Avelon. Lost significant military and political power with the emergence of Khali as the new head of the pantheon.
  • Lucrii Faction: Faction made up of the merchant houses of the Sven Hellbreed loss of power due to the recent escalation of conflicts with the Sphere cutting out many potential trading partners. Relegated mostly to organizing the supply chains and logistics across the planets and smuggling.
  • Cult of Silence: Personality cult that sprung up around Mir Lekcin famed assassin and brother to Hallow, responsible for several rebel coup that brought Hellbreed supporters to power within and without the Sven Hellbreed.

Sven Politics

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