Steam Technology

The Empire of Steam, a civilization at the bottom of The Chasm, uses exclusively steam power for technology.

Steam Technology is fairly advanced in the Empire, they have steam cannons, geothermal turbines for mills and the steam engine.

Water is easy to find in The Chasm, with rain being the most prevalent daily weather. For heating boilers coal is used occasionally, although coal is fairly rare. Instead there are a few variants that are used.

First a type of moss that grows on the chasm wall, it grows extremely fast and is considered a renewable resource, it wont burn while wet. However if left in a dry area the moss will become dessicated in roughly a day, so this is not a major problem, however transporting the moss and storage in a dry area is occasionally a problem. Mainly in war zones due to the difficulty in constructing a dry moss storage room, portable containers are used quite often.

Secondly hives grown by a non-poisonous type of wasp can be burned for fuel. These wasp are only found is specific breeding houses, due to the dominance of their natural predator on the Chasm floor. Normally the wasps live midway up the Chasm wall. These wasp create a paper-like hive that will burn readily and for a surprisingly long time. However the main reason that this type of fuel is used is a by product of the combustion. A exceedingly tough type of thread is found holding the hive together, this is harvested from the ashes as it will not burn.

The thread has many different uses where fire resistance is require.

Trains are a major technological component of the Steam Technology, linking the Chasm floor as well as certain parts of the Chasm wall.

Steam Technology

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