The Seraphim were created by the god Ohrusk after he fell from worship amongst the kingdom of Orus six centuries ago. They fall into several distinct categories with there own distinctions and names.

Refered to often as the More than Men, they Seraphim were created to surpass humans in all manners. They live longer, are physically stronger and more robust, and have wings.

The number of wings varies according to there rank in society. They are born with a specific number of wings, raised accordingly to there station.

  • Two wings are the common people having jobs as something as everyday as a baker to a powerfull merchant prince. They are known as the Malak
  • Four wings are those who are elevated above the common people, serving as people in important public and military occupations such as mayor, generals, and guard captains. They are known as Erelim
  • Six wings are quite rare and are considered the administrators of society governing large swaths of land and serving as royal custodians. They are known as Archons
  • Seven wings signifies royal lineage. The titular Seraphim there are only ever seven seven wings at one time. The Oldest serves as king while others serve as military commanders, high priests and princes.

There were known in ancient times to be some seraphim to have more than seven wings however none of these people have been seen in modern times. The most famous were Cassiel Twelvewing and Azrael the Eclipse


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