The seraphi display a striking resemblance to modern Sphere people, save for a few difference.

All seraphi have 6 limbs, a set of normal humanoid arms/legs but they also possess a second set of arms above the regular set. These limbs are feathered and resemble avian wings in form and function. For coloring hair and feathers are always a shade of orange or red. Eye color and skin tone vary within the same ranges as Sven and Sphere people.

No known seraphi civilization have been encountered, and known seraphi admit to no knowledge of such a civilization existing. Lone seraphi or small groups travel amongst the Archways at will never settling in one place for very long.

The seraphi claim to have to have installed the Archways across planets. No contrary evidence has been found and seraphi exhibit the ability to enter an Archway and exit any other existing Archway not only the one that it is linked too. How this is accomplished is due to the manipulation of some form of Galactic energy.


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