Phoenix Sharlemayne

Phoenix Sharlemayne is one of the oldest Heroes of the Sphere, he helped create the Sphere.

Phoenix is the legendary Kintaru hero who helped the goddess Hindu Ala banish her sister Khali Ala.

After Khali was banished Hindu gave up her immortality to give all the Kintaru eternal youth. Many scholars and tale spinners believe she did this so as to not lose Phoenix to the passage of time.

Phoenix is the oldest living member of the Kintaru race. He bears little resemblance to most modern kintaru having pale grey skin, golden eyes, and a mane of fiery light instead of hair. He is also larger then most Kintaru, and a deal more robust. Phoenix is not as fine boned as a modern Kintaru, having thicker bones and denser muscles.

Currently he is in pursuit of a Farsider criminal who has been spotted on several colonial worlds. He is accompanied by Hindu.

Phoenix Sharlemayne

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