Miscellaneous Details

Aquatic intelligence did not receive hands, arms or other manipulator organs from the Uplift spell however they gained a small degree of telekinesis, being able to manipulate objects with their mind. The extent of this depends largely on the species, with the weakest being able to move no more weight then the average human could with the strongest moving weight equal to whatever the largest pre-Divergence machines could. Since these creatures are water bound, buoyancy is a large factor in their powers.

Aside from the Uplifted there are no enhanced animals. The Uplift spell affected every single terrestrial animal on the earth as well as certain aquatic species. At the time the spell was cast there were few magical animals, just Griphons/Hippogryphs. So far wizards have yet to create new animals. One of the main reasons is the Order of the Fractal Tower, a secret society that kills wizards who research creating life.

Of non-sentient life only invertebrates and fish remain.

Religion is nothing like it was a before the Divergence. Due to the creation of new life, miracle like abilities of magic and the integration of millions of new sentient people most religions were destroyed by infighting or lost in the Dark Century. Echoes can still be seen in the present in the monotheism of the True Church and Radiant Lord. Several polytheistic religions have sprung up similar to ancient roman, and egyptian polytheism. The most prevalent religion is something akin to Hinduism or Buddhism with aboriginal ancestral animal worship. Also the influence of the Powers can be seen to those with knowledge in the symbolism of the new religions.

Miscellaneous Details

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