Magic in the Second Divergence is much less rigid to those from The Origin, fluid by nature it is unique to every person. Magic is at its core harnessing and channeling the residue left from ether the corpse of a Power or at least lost bit of itself. Magic falls into three rough domains, with their being exceptions and unusual cases.

While every person can potentially wield magic, doing so consciously takes great perception and patience to learn ones own unique form of casting. Subconsciously using magic is far more common, be it a harsh word from a worried parent, a formulaic prayer or good luck ritual even a gesture to ward off evil.

Magicians: Magicians control power through their motions. This takes many forms, from a wave of the hand creating a tsunami, a throwing motion actually throwing a fireball, calling down lightning with a swift kick or a painter invoking some more with the strokes of his brush. Magicians styles are as varied as there are motions that can be done with the body. Magicians are commonly predatory Uplifts.

Wizardry: Wizardry is magic used through ritual and arcane knowledge, as such it is the most common form of used magic and a large percentage of powerful magic users are wizards. This is most likely because it is easier to study and master a ritual then discover a hidden language or figure out arcane gestures. Wizardry takes many forms from the all encompassing spells such as the Techwipe or the Uplift spell to the simple like a baker following a special family recipe to bake a pastry.

Sorcery: Sorcery is magic used by speaking what sorcerers call the True Tongue. Not a real language, the Tongue is usually different for everyone. On occasion two people will use the same variation of the True Tongue to the same effect, this normally happens in people who share a bloodline. Depending on what the sorcerer wishes to accomplish sometime it will only take a word or two however for special effects sometimes a whole phrase will be needed to invoke the magic.

Telekinesis: While not a true form of magic, being of such limited scope, the telekinesis used by the Cetaceans and the Sharks can be quite powerful. This power lets them manipulate objects, by projecting force, with their minds.This allows them to move things or breaking them if needed. Telekinesis is also limited by the senses, as a Cetacean or Shark must be able to see or perceive through other means, such as echolocation, an object to apply force to it.

Invoking or Channeling: Invoking or Channeling is the ability to consciously or unconsciously channel magic energy through ones body, producing some effect. This form of magic is exclusive to Uplifts or humans changed by magic, like Giants. The effect produced vary wildly, the ability to withstand extreme heat or cold, to no longer need to breath, gaining mass, levitation or to stop aging. This is the rarest form of magic, in recorded history on a few dozen people have ever had an ability like this.


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