The Kintaru are the founding culture of the Sphere. They are the ones who originally united the colonies, also most of Sphere technology comes from the Kintaru.

The Kintaru possess a unique form of Galactic Energy. This form of energy powers there technology.

People of the Kintaru have skin in pale shades of blue, and occasionally gray. Black hair is almost universal, save for the occasional blue or white hair. Tall and fine boned the Kintaru are not a physically powerful people. Almond shaped eyes and narrow face is another Kintaru trait.

All people of the Kintaru have eternal youth, they do not age after they have reached biological maturity. They can still die by some diseases and violence. This was due to the sacrifice of their goddess Hindu Ala.

Ruled by a King they do not have any other form of government. The heir apparent is Anubis.

Several cultural taboos rule society.

The Purity of the Flesh denies all Kintaru to feed on the flesh of mammals, leaving them only fowl and fish as meat.

The Purity of the Spirit dictates that no artificial sentience shall be created. The origin of this custom is lost in history yet it is the most powerfully enforced, becoming an unwritten law, those seeking to manufacture such a sentience are usually lynched before authorities can find a way to legally shut them down.

Due to the Kintaru being so widespread and the fact that they founded the Sphere, their culture is spread across nearly all the inhabited worlds, and generally is somewhat dominant on Sphere worlds even without any actual Kintaru present. This however has led to many deviations and changes to the customs based on rumor and hearsay.


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