Heliox Hive

Named after the first enemy for the Hive to be used against, when Hallow led a raid on the Heliox nation-fleet to steal an apparent Farsider relic.

The Hive is formed of thousands of creatures who inhabit Hallows body living underneath his protective carapace. Having nearly completely replaced all of Hallows internal organs resulting in a extremely hardy constitution, and lack of need for eating/sleeping. However the Hive must sustain itself and so must be unleashed periodically.

When unleashed the hive resembles thumb-sized wasp like creatures with a distinctive orange band along the thorax. Able to take disassemble all materials that aren’t protected by some form of galactic energy they are a formidable offensive and defensive weapon.

The Hive was gifted to Hallow by Khali Ala to gain his support for her faction.

Heliox Hive

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