General Cosmology

The many religions of the world differ and contradict on a thousand different topics, yet to a fault they all agree on the underlying make up of the universe, so much that modern researchers seem to lend it some truth.

The Web of Aspects is said to be drawn on the back of the God Turtle. The shell represents the order of the world, protecting inner chaos,the God Turle, from the Outer Chaos.

The God Turtle is described as looking like a normal turtle, save that instead of four legs and a head, each opening into the inside of its shell manifests ether a head or a leg. Giving it many different aspects. Also its shell is covered in the most complex web ever seen. The Web of Aspects.

Some theologians and scholars say that the the Inner Chaos is the our universe and that the Outer Chaos is the true universe, of which our existence is only aberration.

General Cosmology

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