Fallen Emperor

The Fallen Emperor is the assassinated ruler of The Shattered Kingdom. His name is cursed so that it cannot be spoken, as such he is known as the Fallen Emperor.

The Emperor died at a young age, and is rumored to have been cursed to since his wedding day. His wife, the Empress, had died nearly a decade earlier under mysterious circumstances.

Various statues around his empire depicted him as a man of modest height, with short hair and trimmed mutton chops. Always depicted with one hand holding a book and the other holding a pistol. Other garments changed depending on where the statue was built, but the book and pistol were constant, symbolizing his quest for knowledge and conquest.

In his life he conquered the Jungle Kingdoms of Kamazoalt and Zalcoatl, the Iron Kingdom and ruled over the Golden Plain.

His daughter was given the throne of the kingdom after his death.

Fallen Emperor

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