Civilizations and Culture

Countries and Cultures of the Second Divergence.

Some scholars say that the Uplift spell went awry in more then just affection more then it should have, some say that it gave Uplifts some of humanities worst traits, greed, vengeance, brutality. Others say that it just let animals express these traits in new ways. One thing is certain, not all the Uplifts play nice with humanity, or each other.

Not everyone born from the Uplift showed these traits, like humans the Uplifts vary across the spectrum of human emotions, and some of the new cultures that arose reflect this.

Caledonia and Avalon

These former British Isle, Scotland and England, now serve as a shining example of the cooperation of Uplifts and humans. The main airship port of Eurasia is found in Aberdeen, Caledonia. The Island is home to an extremely large population of avian Uplifts, most working with Airships, and having nests in Aberdeen.

Shipping is the prime industry of the Islands, great steam trains connect the important ports, air and sea, for quick transfer of goods. This network has created an extremely efficient and streamlined industry, that few areas of the world can match. The system was designed by a Scottish family. The Gordon family, now the richest family in the world, they run their shipping Empire from the newly built Caledonia Castle a short distance from Aberdeen.

The Pangolin Empires

There are two distinct Pangolin Empires, the first is the Arboreal Kingdoms in sub-saharan Africa. This empire lives deep inland and controls most of the forest territory. The Empire first expanded in the chaos that came about after the Uplift spell was cast, due to the lack of advanced weaponry the pangolin people were at a great advantage due to their razor sharp natural armor and claws. The assertion of dominance was brutal, thousands of humans and Uplifts were killed. Those who refused to be ruled by the empire were often killed and predatory Uplifts were eliminated preemptively.

In modern times the empire is more stable, it shows no discrimination to those who travel their lands or those who choose to live in them. The pangolin Uplifts rule is absolute, rebellion is crushed brutally and quickly, but for those who obey the laws life is secure. The main laws enacted by the Empire is a ban on predatory Uplifts, permitting only those who feed on plants or insects to live within its bounds.

The second Pangolin Empire is much less discriminating, and some would wonder if it is even an empire at all. Most of the indian peninsula is ruled by an noble caste made up of pangolin Uplifts. While not officially rulers, they control most of the land trade around their territory.

Nomadic Cetacean Court

Due to their aquatic nature, none of the aquatic races have built standing countries. The forming of bands, sometimes by species or multiracial they travel the oceans. They claim no land, always on the move, while this inevitably leads to the clash of powers, these are rare.

The most famous of these is the Cetacean Court. Ruled by a Blue Whale who claims to have been awakened by the Uplift spell, making over a hundred years old. The Court travels the oceans, sometimes putting down Shark Barons causing too much trouble, perhaps aiding

The Shark Barons

The Shark Barons are the largest, most vicious predators of the worlds waters. Due to their new gained telekinetic powers hunting for food is largely obsolete. This gave the sharks a great deal of free time. First it was a single tiger shark off the west coast of Antera demanding tribute from a passing cargo ship, soon other sharks demanded tribute and those who refused were simply eaten. Now the most powerful of these sharks rule their territories with Iron fists, patrolling and demanding tribute from everyone they encounter. These Barons employ lesser sharks to manage territories of their own, paying a tithe in tribute. Lesser sharks would perhaps only patrol the water around a fishing village, who would then pay tithe to a more powerful shark who claims the whole coast.

The Tiger Lords

The Tiger Lords are not a political entity, they control no land, claim no dominion over others they simply wander where they wish. They feed when they’re hungry, off of whatever is handy. When one Lord encounters another, sometimes there’s a battle, sometimes not. Outsiders do not understand their code, why they fight each other but the battles are always brutal.

Each lord is an accomplished magic user as well as a fierce combatant and they hold no quarter when they battle. The land itself is usually scarred from the forces unleashed by the Tiger Lords. When three Lords encountered each other in the port city of Mumbai, the following battle leveled the city, killing millions of people. As such the Tigers are feared, but few would risk angering such a force.

Anteater tribes of Antera

The tribes of Giant Anteaters live in seclusion deep in the jungles of Antera, formerly known as South America. The tribes are the most prosperous of all the people living in the region, which led to the adoption of the name Antera.

Life is the tribes are simple, the hunt for insect colonies to eat, the farming of such colonies and trade. The tribes run a brisk trade is plants to people from other regions of the world.

Civilizations and Culture

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