Cardigan is the Arch-Priest of Khali, head of the religion that venerates Khali Ala. The Arch-Priest also commands the Pantheon Guard, a military guard that rivals the Sven Legionary Guard in military prowess.

Along with Hallow and Khali he is in charge of one of the main factions in Sven politics.

Cardigan is described as a tall man with dusky skin and dark hair. His official garments are a military style shirt, pants and boots. Over this he wears a tight jacket resembling a trench coat that flares out after the waist for east of movement. For Ceremony he has a saber to match his official garments. However unless required he carries a canister rifle instead.

Cardigan is an active leader and routinely leads the Pantheon Guard into battle, with the blessing of his goddess Khali.


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