Auragrad is the only active battlefield in the war between the Sphere and the Sven Hellbreed. A desolate planet it is the sole planet that connects the networks of Archways of the Sphere and the Sven Hellbreed.

Despite being a travel hub, with the lack of habitable land, Auragrad was a very poor Sphere colony. The only other distinguishing feature that it can claim, is that it is the only known world to have both a Seraphi and Farsider colonies on it.

Currently the war raging across its surface is to capture both Archways so that an offensive can be easily launched into the opposing forces territory. The Sphere have established extensive orbital defenses allowing them to react quickly and with force to any surge in the Sven battleline.

The Sven controls most of the main continental landmass save for the central area containing the Archway into Sphere space, which is guarded by a large perimeter.

There are no local flora or fauna, the planet being completely desolate, however some sections have been successfully terraformed to resemble a badlands environment, otherwise the land is bare rock, and soil with few mountainous regions.


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