Air Cities

Air cities are huge constructions that float or fly permanently. They are used by the rich and eccentric as homes, personal cities and corporate strongholds.


Air Cities all have a similar general structure. At the base they’re several large zeppelins linked together with supporting struts. As a rule under at least two zeppelins there will be a nuclear fusion reactor, to generate electricity. Suspended gondolas, canopies and more struts form a hanging city, this city is attacked to the base of the zeppelin support struts.

For fine maneuverability the massive cities have multiple propellers, fins and rotors. Dual rotors (two rotors stacked on top of each other) are usually mounted on the highest points of the city to give additional lift. Fins and propellers normally start mid-way down the hanging city.

As a rule the cities are wider and flatter then they are tall, due to the amount of shear force and wind resistance that is applied to them in flight.


The First Air City was designed by who is now Lord Admiral Tycho of Elysium shortly after the revelation of the angelus to the world. The flagship city, named Nidavellir, was such a large success that several other cities were commissioned. Nidavellir was grounded during the riots that followed the discovery of the vampiri. Despite this, or perhaps due to this, construction of the other cities continued, seen as a safe haven from the vampiri.

With the fortune he made, Tycho had Elysium custom built to his specifications. Now it floats around the mediterranean sea. Valhalla was the second city built, as is also notable for having the largest population of animus in a single country. The shadowy Mu appeared after the vampiri riots finished, no one knows where it came from save the founding rulers, an enclave of vampiri who rebuilt the fallen Nidavellir and rechristened her Mu.

Roughly a dozen cities are now airborn around the world. The largest is Feng-Tu,three separate cities joined together by large bridges that serves as military prison, command center and paranormal holding facility that is anchored to the island of Hong Kong.


While the cities themselves are sitting targets for any missile, many defenses have been created by the cities to defend themselves. Elysium, Feng-Tu and most others use a combination of paranormal and technological scanning devices to detect then eliminate these kind of projectiles. Mounted rail-cannons, nuclear fusion powered lasers, anti-heat seeking, anti-radar and cloaking systems are examples of technological innovations used. Most paranormal defense are remote viewing to find launched missiles, and possible launches, scanning launch sites, and for the actual taking out of missiles, powerful pyrokinetics are sometimes employed. Mu uses only paranormal means and Valhalla uses only technological means for defense.


While the cities themselves have near unlimited power and most are self sufficient for food, goods and deuterium are required. For this reason all cities, save Mu, patrol along large water sources, around large seas and along oceanic coast. All the cities trade with their ground based cousins, often anchoring into built power docks and selling off excess electricity.

To supply themselves with deuterium the cities often trawl long cables into the water while they pass over it, at the ends of these cables are machines that filter the deuterium from the water and pump it, using the pressure differential, up into the city.

Also due to the large percentage of rich citizens, ease of crossing borders and blurry classifications in law the cities attract all sorts of black market business and most have a designated hotel section for people who wish to travel at a relaxing pace.


Populations on Airborn Cities vary a great deal depending on the city, though most have roughly equal populations of humans and angelus. The angelus are an enormous aid to the cities, making difficult out door repairs relatively simple. Aside from Valhalla, animus are rarely seen in the cities. Nagenti are even rarer, basically non-existent as far as the cities are concerned, though Neo Heliopolis deals with the Egyptian Nagenti on a regular basis. Draconus are as likely to found in a airborn city as they are on the ground, extremely rarely.

Mu is the only city ruled by vampiri, though it’s rumored that Feng-Tu uses vampiri as wardens in their military prison, granting them free access to the criminals in exchange for providing security. Valhalla as mentioned earlier has the largest population of animus in any single country, almost 2500, they make up a quarter of the cities population.

Air Cities

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