Loftsphere, the first world in a tale of newborn Gods and Goddess. When a new set of godlings is created they war with each other while learning the extent of there powers. The best survive long enough to establish themselves without drawing the attention of the Elder Gods or being consumed by there fellow godlings.

During the mid twenty-first century strange creatures, seemingly mythical in nature, began to appear. It was eventually revealed that these creatures were genetically mutated humans. Changed before birth to resemble mythical creatures in form and function.

Old kingdoms vying for a second chance, a genocidal spurned god and agents of a war that has raged since the dawn of time. A black market in curses and magical afflictions. A farming community plagued by strange murders. This is the world of Requiem.

The networked world’s of the Sphere are being consumed by the Sven Hellbreed. The mysterious Farsiders are appearing most often since the war began. Cultures fight for survival in a barren arm of the galaxy.

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